A native of Rockland, Maine, Ed Jarrett took his mother’s advice years ago and avoided being a starving artist by going to culinary school.  It was there, at Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island, that Ed’s life as a sculptor began, after just one class on ice carving.  The rest is history.Guiness World Record Holder for the Tallest Sandcastle and World Renowned Sculptor Ed Jarrett

Ed has been sculpting ice for 28 years, snow for 15 years, sand for 11 years, and wood for eight years.  He receives requests from across the globe to create sculptures.

Sand sculpting began as a dare.  Ed had been carving ice and snow for a while and someone wanted him to do a sculpture in the spring when it’s too warm for ice and snow. So, he thought, “How about sand?” Ed saw that someone in Maine had set a record for the tallest snowman, so his first sandcastle in 2002 turned into a bit of a dare to see if it was possible to break the record for the tallest sandcastle. He really had no idea what he was doing and tried to use snow forms. They didn’t work with sand and he missed the record by two feet. That was just enough to peak Ed’s interest and make him want to try again.  Please click here for more about Ed’s history with the World’s Tallest Sandcastle.

When Ed was growing up, his dad was in the Navy so they traveled a lot, but Ed spent his high school years in Maine, where his mom, dad, brothers, and grandparents still live.

As a kid, Ed was creative with small business ventures.  At nine years old, he  had a lawn mowing business with a business card made out of a rubber stamp and card stock. At 10, he had a newspaper route.  Ed used to practice drawing and sell the pictures to the neighborhood kids so they could color them in.  Art was his best subject in high school, but his mother always told him he’d be a starving artist, so he went to culinary school and that’s where he learned to sculpt ice and do sugar art.

Charity has always been top of mind with Ed.  As a kid, he used to participate in dance marathon fundraisers as well as other volunteer activities.  He was vice president of future Business Leaders of America in Maine.   Business was Ed’s biggest interest.  He wanted to make money to fix up cars.  Learning to do basic auto body repair is where Ed’s interest in sculpting was born.

Culinary school.  So, can Ed cook?  Absolutely.  But, instead of running a kitchen he spent 18 years managing private golf clubs where he practiced sculpting for charity and club events.  Today, he has retired from the management life and is living his dream to be a full-time sculptor.